Hiab Lorry Cranes from CJE Logistics

Haib Lorry Cranes

Providing a leading Hiab hire service using our fleet of crane mounted lorries. Our expert haulage planners can assist you to ensure smooth delivery and offloading of goods.

Hiab Crane Mounted Lorry Fleet

Our Hiab crane mounted vehicle fleet is designed to save costs and increase throughput for companies that need to transport large bulky items such as cabins, containers, modular buildings, plant and machinery.

The current lifting capability is up to 11 tonnes, and a Hiab mounted vehicle effectively removes the need for a crane on-site which saves time and money. The fleet has a double drive capability that makes it ideal for tough conditions such as uneven ground present on construction sites, as well as being more hardy than a traditional crane to environmental conditions such as wind.

With the Premier Logistics Hiab solution, lost days due to undeliverable consignments are now a thing of the past. Specialised training is required to operate a crane, and our staff are fully trained with ALLMI (Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers) qualifications, as well as undergoing specialised in-house training and continuing development. We also have an industry expert in specialised and abnormal loads on board, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or for a speedy quotation.

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